Thursday, March 08, 2007


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Monday, January 08, 2007

A day in a single's life

We called my grandpa overseas last night. It was his birthday. The first thing he asked me when I got the phone is “May boyfriend ka na?” And my automatic reply was “Hahahaha. Wala pa!” and then he said “Ok lang magkaboyfriend, malaki ka na naman”,It’s better to live life when you have someone beside you” Waaahh!! Ayaw maniwala…wala nga eh :’-(

Why do people don’t believe me when I say I don’t have anyone and has not had one ever??! People always think I’m kidding. It’s exactly the same reaction I get when people from the office ask me or when random people ask me about my status in life. Then their next question would be “WHY?” Why? Why ask me?? I don’t know! I guess nobody bothered to ask. Then comes their conclusion “Baka mataas standards mo?” Wenk! Huh? I guess it’s ok to have at least some standards but….as I’ve said, nobody bothered to ask so to whom will I put the standards on?

Then they’d say “Baka naman naiintimidate sa'yo?” Seriously, do I look intimidating? Anyway if they won't approach me because they feel that way, then good! I dont want to be stuck with someone who doesn't have guts.

"Talaga lang ha..wala ka pang boyfriend? Maganda ka naman, mabait..blah blah blah" then I'd say "Di kasi ako sexy eh! Joke lang no. Ok lang..dadating din yan!"

Yeah, so there. The usual question and answer portion about my "being single". I must admit it does get lonely at times. Specially when watching mushy movies and reading lovestories and when Christmas and Valentines Day comes. Days when you really want to have someone beside you to share your dreams, aspirations, and life.

Other than that though, being single has its perks too! I get to do my own thing without anyone bothering me. I get to travel, party, buy whatever I want, go with anyone I want, live life the way I want to without feeling guilty that I have to think of someone else beside me.

So, am I lonely because Im single? Definetely NOT! Yes, there's that void in my heart somewhere but I've got tons of friends, a wonderful family and a life that I really enjoy. Not having a boyfriend doesn't mean I have to stop enjoying life and not be happy. The right man will come along at the right time they say...

For now, I'll just be here doing my own thing and just enjoying life. ^_^

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New toy for the New Year!

I got myself a new toy last Saturday! Yey, after looking for a long time, I finally got a new notebook pc. I have been thinking about it for so long and looking at all the displays in the glass windows of computer shops! Finally, finally..I got one at a reasonable price with all the specifications I want. Hmm not really all, but it’s enough for my needs. I got a Neo Empriva 531NL. I originally wanted a Neo Empriva 540NX2 but the first one almost has the same specs aside from the firewire port and the Duo Core 2 processor. I can make do without those things. A 1.66 GHz duo core is enough for my graphic needs. The portable I got didn’t have an OS preinstalled as well. That’s alright though as I have an XP disc at home. That saved me 20grand at least. =)
Thinking about it, I got it in haste! I know I’ve been drooling over notebooks for a couple of months now! The only thing stopping me is the money. Hehe! I wasn’t really planning on buying one that day. But with the offer they have..who couldn’t resist? And If I got more money, I would have gotten a black macbook pro. They say that the graphics on that mac is awesome. Yeah, I’ve tried it in the apple shop and it’s really cool!
So that day, after having lunch with a friend I asked him to come with me to look at the notebooks in SM City Cyberzone. The first shop we went into has the notebook I want, and after 5 minutes of the guy sales talking me and a few more minutes processing my card, I got out with a brand new toy! Haha! Im such a gadget freak =)
Anyways, we watched Shake, Rattle and Roll afterwards. It was supposed to be a horror film but we just laughed all the way up till the end. I don’t know how they can make movies like that and include it in a film fest, It was really hilarious! Not because it’s a comedy but because the movie doesn’t really make sense and we’re not sure if they really thought hard of the script. It was still a funny experience though.
So I got home, unwrapped my toy and installed the OS and other softwares in it. My mom called me and asked me to bring bagoong to my uncle’s house (family’s all there for a party) and I brought it with me and continued installing there. Such a geek! Lol
Then I spent New Year’s Eve awake all night doing the posters in photoshop for work. That was my excuse for buying the notebook. Haha, nobody bought that idea though as we got a fully functional and not over a year old pc I assembled at home.
Well anyways, Im now at our apartment, just finished watching Desperate Housewives in my notebook and now Im browsing the web using my 3g phone as my modem. It’s not as fast as the dsl at home but for now it should suffice. It’s 460kbps, so at least it’s 5x faster than dial up. Im really lovin this! Gotta love technology.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Purple Flower

purple petal

I miss taking photos..hope i get to shoot soon!


nude, snapshots by ^Vanessa^.

this is my first time to do nude photography.

shoot it i mean :-)


more in my flickr site!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Ladies Photoshoot

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The girls!

Here's the group hug shot from the EB we had last Saturday. There were around 16 of us Pipho women photography enthusiasts present :)

It was such a fun fun night. We learned a lot from Mr. Vic Sison and the generosity of Mr. John Chua is really something else. His studio is soo big! The food is also delicious.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New lens

I just bought a barely used Sigma 28-200mm 3.5 to 5.6 lens from a friend. I'm so excited because now, I'll be able to take more macro and telephoto shots which I absolutely love!
To fund this latest addition to my expensive (whew!) hobby I sold my own 24-70mm Sigma lens to another friend. I was having doubts about selling it but at the end I let go because those ranges will be covered anyway by the new lens. It's just going to be redundant if I still keep it and I need the money I'll get to purchase my new lens.

It's good timing though because on Saturday I'll be meeting up with fellow girls who are members of this photography forum that I am a member of. It's going to be soo exciting..we'll be shooting a girl model and one of the girls promised to bring a male model (who she said is a hunk! hehe) and our host is none other than the well-known advertising photographer Mr. John Chua! We'll be given a short seminar by Mr. Vic Sison who by the way is my mentor when Nat and I took a photography seminar in Fort Santiago.

I can't wait!! Then on Sunday, there's another photo opportunity, this time with all the members of the forum who signed up to go to Avalon Zoo and Wawa dam in Rizal. I haven't been there so I'm really looking forward to being there and shooting at all those great landscapes and animals.

Just two more nights... :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

endless rows of sushi!!

first stop for merienda.
We went to Sakae Sushi to sample their humongous selection of sushis, makis and tempuras. Gulped everything down with a bottomless glass of cold lemon tea :)

stadium @ sm

stadium, snapshots by ^Vanessa^.


the south wing

the south wing, snapshots by ^Vanessa^.

view from the back

SM Mall of Asia

Three Saturdays and 1 Sunday in a row! I've been to SM Mall of Asia this past few weekends. If not with my family, then with my friends. It is HUMONGOUS! My feet hurt from walking the first time I was there and I still dont think I have seen every nook and cranny there is.
The World

ocean walkway
Walkway to the sea

Google Earth

I was thinking of putting pics on my blog to update my almost 6 months absence in the blogging world but I seem to not be able to find the time to do it. Anyways all those pictures are in my Flickr account. Hihi. I spent last weekend fiddling around with Google Earth. Try to download and install it. It's pretty cool! My brother was diligent enough to look for our house by following the LRT line going to Monumento, then the Tullahan river and Fatima then down to Lorex and finally the roof of our house :-). Haha. It's unfair though, there are no street signs in the Philippines. Just the major roads. We were able to see Sibale as well. Hmmm..if someone from outer space decides to drop a bomb..they can target us? Weird. Hehe. Anyways we also looked for Mama's address in the States and my aunts in Canada. Dad called and told them he can see their street. Now we have a better idea how their place looks like. Makes them feel closer in some way. :-)
Bird's Eye View
Here's how far my workplace is from home! Good thing I rented an apartment with my friends. You know I spend more than an hour travelling if I go home everyday and I hated the traffic and the heat, whereas the apartment Im renting out with my friends is just 10 minutes away by jeepney. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

MTV Music Awards

the stage roof, snapshots by ^Vanessa^.
me, grace, eya
me, grace, eya
eya, grace, kong
eya, grace, kong

This was taken at The Fort during MTV's Music Summit 2005. We got free tickets from work. This was for the benefit of the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. I was there with a few friends from work. It was a blast! A lot of well know local artists were there to spice the night up.

Uploaded by ^Vanessa^ on 5 Dec '05, 8.10pm PST.

Another New Beginning

Im sorry dear blog if i have forgotten to update you. It's just that I've been so busy
doing other things that I haven't really paid attention to you. It's been almost 4 months and I haven't written a thing. Anyway, dont worry, I will update you with pictures of those missed months. Im not really good with words so I'll just tell my story through pictures. :-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Free movie anyone?

Free movie anyone?, snapshots by ^Vanessa^.

Hey! Im back!’s been a while since I last blogged. I can’t find the time then but definitely a lot has happened since I was gone from the blogging world. In case you are wondering, I still have my pictures in Flickr to keep you updated about what’s going on. He he he.

So what now? Yesterday I was out with James and Kim. Nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon so we met in Megamall then headed out to Shangri-la to go see the free movies at the Japanese Eiga- Sai Festival. The first movie was scheduled at 5pm and we had about an hour of free time so we went window-shopping, then headed out to Starbucks to pass the time away. I still have the free certificate for any coffee beverage that I got together with the Starbucks planner so I took advantage and ordered the biggest and most expensive frappe they have. When the lady called my drink..It was really funny!
She goes Venti-Caramel-Coffee-Jelly-Frappe-Light
with-extra-shot-of-espresso-and-caramel-syrup-for Vanessa
! I can’t really remember but it was something like that. My bill was a whooping 240 pesos for one cup of coffee! HaHa..Never would I pay for that! Good thing I got that certificate with me.

Anyways, There were only a few minutes left before the movie starts so we headed to the movie house with our venti frappes in hand only to be blocked by the guard who said we cannot bring any drinks not bought from the snack bar. Duh! That was a really stupid rule! So no choice but to gulp it all down..It was so funny..we all got brain-freeze!

The first movie we watched was really hilarious. The title was WaterBoys. It was about students of an all-boys high school who joined a synchronized swimming team. Even if we had to rely on subtitles, the movie was really enjoyable. I don’t know about Kim though as he has to sit beside a weird guy who farted all throughout the movie. Aside from the fact that the movie was so funny, I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear that weird guy’s laughter. It sounds like the one from Beavies and Butthead!

Then we had Japanese Dinner (what else?? hehe), looked at the pictures of Japan taken by Bahaghari and then watched another movie. The second movie was A Summer Page. It was also good. Both those movies are really inspirational and it’s for FREE!

The Japanese culture is really interesting. The youth really can express themselves through fashion and their music. Oh gosh, I want to go there and take pictures! That would be really fun.

Another thing, I saw the trailer of Memoirs of a Geisha. That one I really really want to see! When I read the book before, I enjoyed it so much. From the reviews I have read about the movie, they said it was really spectacular. Can’t wait for that!